Nails of the week! (O.P.I Miss Universe Crown me already!)

12:02 AM

O.P.I has a NEW line out called Miss.Universe. My mom fell in love with the glittered polished called, "Crown me already!"

I used OPI's "Sparrow me the drama" from the Pirates of Caribbean collection

Then as a top coat the "Crown me now" from the Miss.Universe Collection


Base: Pirates of the Caribbean "Sparrow me the Drama"

Top Coat: Miss.Universe "Crown me Already!"

I had my mom show you what the Miss. Universe "Crown me already!" looks like by itself and with two coats. I must say, its a VERY pretty color!


Savannah said...

Love it!


Marta said...

I have pink nails too this week! What I like about glitter and crackle is that if the nails are not that well painted, they can correct the little mistakes :)

CynthiaAvaDevta said...

Lovely! Glitter nail polish and eye shadow are something that will be with me forever...Loved it at every age and stage of my life and will always be my eye candy! LOVE this combo! xoxo

Nekiah Torres said...


Traci Marie Wolf said...

So pretty, I need to be crowned already. Seriously, I love that glitter.