Saturday's with Stef

12:04 AM

These knees...yep, they are mine!!

Beautiful huh? JUST BEAUTIFUL!

(Hence my sarcasm)

As much as I LOVE ME, I truly can do without the back of my knees that remind me of doughy rolls that need to be baked.
I can thank my lovely grandmother for blessing me with these back-of-the-knee rolls.
So attractive!

But I cannot change the back of  my doughy knees. As much as I wish I wasn't born with them, I have to deal with them.

I wear shorts, oh yes I do...but I am. Ive come to embrace this part of me I oh so dislike. I am 100% if I have a daughter, she will have the back of my knees too! Just gonna be passed down! I lose weight, I try to work the legs out and NOTHING...So instead of trying to beat it, I joined it.

I'm not perfect and people seem to have this notion I am sometimes. I got sparkly shoes, cute clothes, a family who loves me, awesome friends, an amazing best friend, the looks and the curves, but if only they knew my broke butt is down to my last $86! Yep I said it! They don't know that I struggle with not having a job like "normal" people do. Instead I work on commission, which means I get paid once every three months, because I actually LOVE what I do. That sometimes I wish my real dad wasn't such a deadbeat and I had a nice car to match my nice

I'm not perfect. No one is...the back of my knees PROVE IT!

So with that said, is there a body part you dislike but have come to accept?


KayKay said...

im so glad you posted this. your posts are always so real and i can relate to you in so many ways. the one body part i have come to terms with is my butt lol i no its silly but my mom and sister have nice bodies and i came out just like my dad, tall and skinny with no butt. its like a pancake. ive spent time in the gym trying to get a lil somethin and i wuld purposely overeat but that was a fail haha anyway, as women we gota embrace wat we have. we are all unique =D

Unknown said...

Really like this post. People always judge based on outer appearance but if they only knew what was really going on they would be surprised.

The body part that I dislike the most is my tummy & butt (ok...I know that's two). I have a pudgy stomach, big arms, nice rack, no hips, & no butt. I have my lovely grandmother and mother to thank for that. All the other women in my fam are, what I call, proportioned just right (hour-glass figure). For a long time I was embarrassed of my body. I wore baggy clothes for the longest.It was about 8 years ago when I learned to embrace my shape/body and love me for me. Women come in all forms and so what if I have no butt/hips, big arms, & big stomach. I am ME and I am beautiful. I LOVE the skin I'm in and no one can change that regardless of what they say or do.

With that are beautiful hun! I really enjoy reading your post. Keep doing what you do.


Marta said...

I dislike my feet, my toes, they're kind of weird. I wish I could get a surgery. I try not think about it :(

Wait Until The Sunset said...

MY knees are my issue too. I must admit it is probably the bit of my body that I'm most self concious about. I need to get a bit more body love for my poor chubby knees. It's funny cos I 'hate' (I never normally use that word about my body) my knees but my boyfriend loves them! It's so easy for us girls to beat ourselves up about bits of our body when other people probably don't even notice them! Great post Stef :) xx

Theresa said...

Beautiful pure beauty! I almost got away with having a flat stomach after giving birth to my first child,. but since I ended up in the hospital for a week after they pumped me with so much fluid to flush my system clean so i was left with a kangaroo pouch and stretch marks from here to there! i dont show my tummy much because im self cautious about it My husband does not mind it at all and hes told me several times how it doesnt bother him, as much as i work it out it will be there till i get a tummy tuck and thats not happening till after i have another kid. (if) =)

I wanna be fierce said...

I love that you've gotten a conversation like this started. One part of me that I constantly battle with is my arms. Because of this war you probably will never see me rocking anything sleeveless. It's something that I've delt with a long time. I will say that in baby steps I am growing to accept it.


Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

Love this post Stef!!! Even at my thinnest, I have a weak chin...who knows, maybe one day it'll bug me enough to get lifted, but for's just me. Have a great day.

Reggie said...

Don't worry, don't nobody want a bone but a dog!!!

Vivi N. said...

Nice blog!

The body part I learning not to dislike so much are my arms. It's massive...well, to me. It took me forever to get used to it and realize it's not as bad as I think it is. When I go out and see other females with bigger arms than I have, expose it and not give a shit, I am in awe. It was only most recently that I decided to rock sleeveless. Not by choice, though. Mother Nature gave the DC area some disgusting humid and hot weather for the past month. There was no other choice BUT to wear sleeveless. And now? I'm becoming much more at ease with it.