Review: Wet N' Wild Mega Sparkle White Icing

12:07 AM

Okay, when I first bought this all I thought was GLITTER! 

I love

But when it came down to it, the label said "Keep area from eye and lip area"


Understandable! I mean, it could cut your eye!

But I didn't listen...OBVIOUSLY...I am a rebel like that.

I actually thought it was pretty on my chest area, eyes and lips.

As you can see, I mixed it in with an eyeshadow in one picture and without an eyeshadow base on another.
I also added it to lipglass by MAC...wanna know what it reminded me of?

MAC'S snowgirl Lipglass, which I believe has been discontinued.

It actually stayed too...which is good. I mean a little dust off here and there but 99% of the glitter stayed in place.

Its a fun and flirty way to dazzle your make-up..

WHERE: Walgreens

PRICE: 99 cents

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

It really isnt to be worn EVERY day...only when you wanna be fun and sparkly.

How do you guys use glitters?


Theresa said...

omg!!!! i love me some glitter!!! it looks great !!!!! i love to dab glitter on my arms as a shimmer and on my neck You're such the rebel !!! just make sure u dont end up with a reaction over your eyelids ouchie love u!!!

Marta said...

I have a similar one! I love glitter too, ha-ha!

KayKay said...

glitter!! i love it and for only 99 cents?? cant beat that. looks cute and fun for a night out

WitchHazel said...

I love how it looks dusted across your chest, that's the same way I wear most of my extra sparkly stuff.

Unknown said...

OMG..this is awesome. Thx for the review my girl

<3 Marina

Wait Until The Sunset said...

omg I loooooooovvee this! It looks so rad on your décolletage!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset