Weekly Weigh-In: COMFORT FOOD....Eating my emotions away

12:06 AM


My life the past week has been EMOTIONAL. Crying and crying....and yesterday it all led up to my little brother, the baby, leaving for basic training. I cried horribly and drowned my sorrows in food. I know I have gained weight. I feel horrible too. I thought I had my emotional eating under control...Turns out I didn't. I ate EVERYTHING. So ashamed and so sad. I literally feel like a big fat piece of pork right now. HORRIBLE FEELING. Wanna a preview of what I ate...Look below:

And thats only two meals! There was MORE!! How sick am I? Yummy it was. But as it TEMPORARILY made my sadness go away, the aftermath left me sad because I know I gained weight. -Sighs-

Today I am planning on counting my points. NO IF'S AND'S OR BUT'S....I feel HORRIBLE! I haven't cheated like this since 2008!

Usually I go on a once a week cheat and as I explained to you guys when you once-a-week cheat it boosts your metabolism,

I feel horrible and sad still.

So there went my weigh-in!

Any words of encouragement?

Are you an emotional eater?


Unknown said...

Aw I know the feeling, in the past when I was in college I had a roller coaster life and relationship and when I look back I was emotionally eating. The thing that helped me was to ask myself..are you really hungry? will this make me happy? and then after those 30 seconds I would start claning up, studying, or getting out of the house to keep my min occupied. Plus the salad w bread is not too bad. Hang in there girl.

Gosia (beautyfascination) said...

Don't worry.
YOu need to be strong and keep carry on :)
I lost myself more then 20kg so it is possible

Theresa said...

remember what i told you finish out tgis week so when u get to sunday u can have a fresh start at the gym workin it out and letting go all the emotional sadness i still think you are way beautiful <3

Marta said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, just start new again and try to keep busy that way food is not a temptation.

Melissa said...

I know this too well the move has me eating anxiously as if I am never going to eat again so I better stock up now. It's a sick and crazy mentality I too have gained a lot more and that will be a battle I am ready to face on Monday ahhhhhh.....It happens Life just isn't easy or doesn't come with a manual so curve balls really do affect us!

sweetchic said...

Hey Stefy,

Awww I'm sorry you have been so sad lately. Suffering from depression, I know exactly how you feel. :( It's really crappy and yeah, food does make you feel good.

I've gained weight too and it does my head in. But Stef, you're beautiful inside and out no matter what.

You inspire me to try my bestwith fashion no matter how crap I think I look or even go on a diet and give it my best shot. You inspre me to write about how I'm feeling and be true to myself.

You're AMAZING stef, and you have every right to pig out once in a while and NO you should NOT feel bad.

It was a moment of weakness, we all have them and we are so focussed on forgetting about what we have achieved but what we have screwed up more so.

You are beautiful inside and out. Yes, inside and out. Repeat it, sing it, yell it it. You are gorgeous!

I love you stef like an older sis, your the one who more girls need in their lives to be real and true not plastic.

Because everyone has feelings, you're true to yourself and others and that's amazing in itself.

I'm saying a prayer in my mind for your brother, I hope you find comofort in family and friends Stef because life is too short for you to not see how special you truly are.

A thousand kisses and hugs xoxoxoxox

-Celeste xxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I'm a comfort eater also. I also tend to not care what I'm eating when I have no pressure to be thin (like now.) Hang in there, this is just one season in many many years of life. You are living and learning.

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

I know exactly how you feel. I emotionally eat but i am trying to get that under control.

Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

WitchHazel said...

Congrats to your brother for starting out on his new life adventure.. and sorry that you cheated so badly. Don't get too down on yourself though, I am the same way and it happens to the best of us! Chin up!