Nails of the week: OPI The Muppets Collection "Divine Swine"

12:01 AM

I used OPI's "Planks A lot" as a base and then topped it with OPI'S "Divine Swine"

And these are my nails this week!

I actually loved this Glitter...However, "Rainbow Connection" was a tad bit hard to remove (If you have any helpful tips on how to remove glitter polish please let me in on your secret!)

What color are your nails this week?

Have you picked up any of the Muppets collection? If so which colors and which colors do you like?


Marta said...

Fun nails & nice color too! It's hard to remove the glitter, just be patient when removing it and get a fast nail polish remover.

Amanda said...

I saw this on Pinterest but I haven't actually used this tip myself. Couldn't hurt to try.

I've been wanting to buy a couple of the Muppet glitter polishes but they're sold out here and I just haven't gotten around to buying them online.

Unknown said...

Love your awesome glittery nails doll. Need to head to the store ASAP and pick up this collection.

<3 Marina

Savannah said...

This is super pretty, I'm lovin' it!


Dhalia Edwards said...

WOW...I like that glitter one.

Muppets are back!


Nekiah Torres said...

I love this! I will most def have to try! Kiah