Nails of the week: Splatter Nails

12:14 AM

I decided to do a SPALTTER nail again...

(Missed my first one, Check it out HERE.)


-Sally Hansen: Lite
-Mirage: Kakapo 
-Mirage: Sapphire
-Went N' Wild: Ebony hates Chris

What splatter looks see an IN-DEPTH, again, check out my first time doing it HERE



Marta said...

It looks very fun!

Fragancia said...

I love it!!!

Theresa said...

I LiKE NO LOVE IT!!! you did an amazing job i want to come over and drink some wine and paint our nails!!! lol

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE IT.!!!

<3 Marina

Pinkim said...

Hey there, I found you on another blog and it looks like fun here so I decided to stay...I am a new follower , Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

I wanna be fierce said...

Cute look! Very creative.


Dhalia Edwards said...

These look cool em!


Bronzed Humanity said...

This is AWESOME! I would try...but it would be my room full of splatter! hehe :)

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Piksty said...

Your nails are so cool.

Piksty :-)

Alexandra said...

LOVE this color combination! Really wish I had long nails/didn't pick at or bite them so I could actually justify spending the time and effort to do something cool like this haha.

WitchHazel said...

I tried this once but it just came out in big blobs. I think the polish I used was too thick ;[

Love how yours came out though!

SincerelyGo said...

I might have to try that. That's pretty. But messy, hell I'd rather clean up that mess than the mess left behind with this stupid juicer.