Nails of the week!

12:06 AM


Recently one of my besties over at Clumps of Mascara did this and she got it from I thought, "Why not give it a try!"

What you will need:

* 1- Base nail color of your choice (I chose white)

* AS MANY- Other colors of your choice (I chose hot pink, blue, &purple)

* Depending on how many colors you choose, straws (I used 4 straws, one straw per color)

* and a top coat (if desired)

The two blogs used tape to keep the cuticles as clean as possible, however I didnt...Ima a rebel like that

So what do you do:

1- Apply your base color and make sure its FULLY dry

2.   Dip your straw into the nail polish of choice and aim it at your nails and blow through the not dipped end to splatter the polish onto your nail. I sometimes found a good “blow” worked and other s a smaller “blow” worked. Up to you what kind of “Blow” floats your boat.  

I did one color at a time, until I used all the colors I wanted.
(First I started with splattering the pink, then blue, then purple)

Yes it looks messy, however afterwards I cleaned it up with a tiny bit of acetone and water (Don’t use a cotton ball, use a q-tip or a tiny brush)


What color are your nails this week?

Have you tried this?

If not, are you gonna splatter your nails?


Marta said...

Colorful and fun! I am messy but I could try that design. My nails are taking a break this week :)

KayKay said...

wow that looks hot! i love splatter designs. i deff have to give this a try. thanks for sharing

Leslie said...

looks super cute :)

Diana said...

Oh this is pretty :D

Nekiah Torres said...

That looks amazing!! I don't think I have the patient enough to do it. Can I come over so you can hook me up!! ;-) I didn't even do the crackle thing myself I went to the nail salon. I got the silver and black on my toes and thought of you! I really like it! Kiah

I wanna be fierce said...

That looks cool.

Christine said...

This looks really cool, such a fun look :)

Love Christine ♥

Alexandra said...

This is AWESOME. A friend of mine just tried some technique of floating drops of nail polish in water and dipping your finger in it or something like that, which comes out with kind of a swirly pattern on the nail... but this looks way easier, more fun, and I love the way it looks! These colors were a great combo.

Unknown said...

What a cool idea...I love the colors you used. It looks great. :)