Thanksgiving in Pictures!!

12:07 AM

Me on Turkey Day!

My plate...

Now on to Chloe!!

Now On to mom and I

Now on to me making faces and eating the whipped cream out the can!

Meet My Cousins (left to right):

And here are some randoms

I hope those of you who live in the States had a blessed Thanksgiving as I did! With it being Black Friday, there sure are a lot of sales! Let the shopping begin!!!

P.S: Did you know its National "Eat pie for breakfast day" ?

Let the Turkey left overs begin!!!


Marta said...

You had lots of fun yesterday and that's what is all about, eating and having fun with those you love and love you back :)

Unknown said...

oh man dont know why theres no thanksgiving in the UK :( x

I wanna be fierce said...

Awww looks like you enjoyed yourself with the fam.


Savannah said...

Looks like you all had a blast! (:


Unknown said...

Chloe is so stinkin cute!

Fashion With Ellie said...

hope you had an amazing thanksgiving:)

Jacqueline Ashley said...

Your dog is so cute!


Fragancia said...

awww look at chloe ^.^ loved seeing your family :)

WitchHazel said...

Cute pix.. happy belated Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing ;]