Saturday's with Stef: obsession

12:17 AM

Monday my boss called me an Idiot.
I spent Tuesday crying over being called an "Idiot"
Wednesday I was denied Financial Aid
And to be honest aside from Thanksgiving, this week blows.

What makes me feel better?


But I have no money for shoes.

-Sits and contemplates-

Why shoes? Lemme quote the movie, "In her shoes":

"When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit"

That is EXACTLY how I feel about my stilettos.

My shoes make me feel beautiful.

They make me feel sexy.

The moment I slip on those heels, I feel better.


The sparkly the better too...

Stilettos. I feel like the complete a part of my soul. Stop laughing at me too by the way. The love I feel for my stilettos, is kinda like the love I felt with a boyfriend. Except, they don't talk back....and causing me all this stress.
So many people ask me, "Why stilettos?"

All I can do is refer them to the quote in the movie.

I know it's sick. A whole blog post on stilettos.

But I love shoes...

And my broke bum doesn't see any new ones in my near future for at least a few months.

I hate being broke...I really do. It makes me feel less of a human. Like, I wish I could contribute more to this household, but since I am broke, there goes that with my shoe game.

I seriously wish money grew on trees. Id plant a ton of trees in my backyard.


What do you love material wise? What is your "Materialistic Obsession" ?


Barry said...

What the hell kind of boss calls an employee an idiot? (My staff have done some stupid things but I've never talked down to them like that).

Even if you know you're a good person, words like that can sting and I understand why you'd be upset. I happen to think you're amazing, intelligent, beautiful and kind if that helps balance it out a little. No worries Stef, we all know the true person you are.

My material obsession? Hmm...probably high-end audio equipment which is way beyond my financial grasp.

Savannah said...

What a mean boss! I love shoes too, they always make me feel good! I also like jim jams (PJs)! I hope your luck starts to turn around(:


Style4Curves said...

Shoes and costume jewelry!!!

Diana said...

Hun, I'm sorry to hear about your crappy boss. I hope you feel better. You should try watching Horrible Bosses. That movie will make your boss feel like the boss of the year. lol Well maybe not. lol

My material obsession at this very moment are shoes, Lorraine's Stanick's jewelry, and LV bags. It used to be makeup, but not so much anymore. But like you mentioned, shoes and also jewelry and bags always fit no matter what!!! :D

Marta said...

I like boots, bags & necklaces.
It's wrong for that boss of yours to call you like that. Just remember that bad times don't last forever. Later on the good times will come. Don't feel down even if it's hard not to feel to. Stay strong.

♥ CG ♥ said...

You know I love your shoes too :-). My current obsession is eyeshadow *sigh*. I only have two eyes, why so many doggone shadows? lol

I agree with Barry, there's no reason to call names in the workplace.

Unknown said...

anything fashion/beauty related of course!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

I love this post sucks you had a shitty week but it will get better !! hopefully you get some Fancy steps because this post is exactly what are motto is I love it !!!

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VPan said...

SO sad about ur boss...jerk! Shoes are wonderful!!

Unknown said...

wao if my boss called me an 'idiot' I would make a formal complaint... you should never accept abuse from anyone let alone in the work place... moving onto shoes... I too love shoes, however I have a wide foot so sometimes even shoes dnt fit! lmao... so what makes me feel sexi is jewellery & makeup (and nice hair) lol ... hope you have a better week hun... xoxo

Wait Until The Sunset said...

argh he sounds like a douche!

Dresses are probably my worst obsession! :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

WitchHazel said...

Shoes (all, even flats), makeup, handbags. They DO make everything better sometimes!