Ringing in the New Year!

12:02 AM

I spent my New Years Eve and ringing in the New Year, just how I wanted to...with my best friend and Mark! I really wasn't set out to be in a club with a bunch of random strangers shoving me and acting a fool. So my goal for NYE was to end 2011 on a high note and start 2012 on an even HIGHER note.

 The Champagne of beers and our midnight toast awaiting!

The awesome Snuggie of the night! "Cowabunga time!"

Random good time pictures of the night. Jonathan's shower curtain is a map of the world!! How cool is that?!!?

I took part in "Eating 12 grapes at midnight" with Jonathan. Mark downed a beer and made wish...said he doesn't like grapes. Lets see if my wishes come true? BY THE WAY: Do any of you partake in superstitions on NYE?

We had a silly string fight too!

More randomness!


Marta said...

I used to eat 12 grapes but I have quit doing that and other things that I used to do. I just have a positive attitude and welcome the new year hopeful.

Big Mark 243 said...

Looks like you guys had a ball! Happy New Year Stef..!

~Style Bot~ said...

I had never heard of the grapes thing. I will try it next year. The only real "superstition" I follow is whatever you end your year doing you'll spend your entire next year doing. So, I spent NYE at home with the hubby. With him being in the AF I like to think that that means he WON'T get deployed and I'll have him for the year, LOL!



Sujeiry said...

You're New Years looked like fun! I don't partake in any NYE traditions. I am a firm believe that how you spend your NYE doesn't dictate how the rest of that year will go.

Dawniepants said...

Oh my goodness! Happy new year, I am in love with your TMNT snuggie that is AMAZING!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year!

Huda said...

lol I loved the randomness and fun! I'm glad you had a great time :)

Huda said...

Oh, and by the way, I'm sorry to hear I'm not appearing on your blog feed again. Did you try the unfollow/follow thing? I'm not sure why it's doing that :(

Unknown said...

Happy 2012 doll and it looks like you had an amazing time surrounded by true friends!!!

<3 Marina

Ariana Allen said...

Happy New Year!!! It look like you had a blast! I did the 12 grapes things several years ago with my family and I almost choked, no bueno. I just do a monster clean of my apt to make room for the new.

I wanna be fierce said...

Happy New Years lady! Looks like you guys had a blast.


bananas. said...

i'm dying over the champagne of beers in ice pic! you're awesome for that!!!

happy new year lady! xoxo.

WitchHazel said...

BEST SNUGGIE EVAR! I've never heard about the 12 grapes thing.. Looks like you had so much fun!