FOTD: Same face different shades.......

12:09 AM

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mousse

Eyeshadow: Maybeline White frost

Mascara: Maybeline Volum' Express the Falsies
EyeLiner: Maybeline eye studio

Blush: Wet N' Wild in Bronze

Lip Stick: Loreal Fairest Nude 


Marta said...

You look good with or without it, but with the glasses you look more conservative.

*Those words below are a pain, make them go away to easily comment, please!

Anonymous said...

cool shades

B said...

Lovin' your specs, Steffy. LOL @ your duck lips. You're 10x cuter than me when I attempt to purse my lips together.

safire said...

You look good with and without the shades. I don't like how I look with glasses but then again I may have been wearing the wrong rims. I got Lasik a few years ago so no more glasses for me :)

Moya2bean said...

i love the nerdy glasses! u look beautiful as always

Itzel Yagual said...

I agree she looks amazing with anything! You make accessories and clothes look better with your pretty face and smile!

Big Mark 243 said...

You are so totally gorgeous Steff..!

Chandana said...

you look beautiful!

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Unknown said...

always beautiful! I love your choice of words, style of writing, and delivery. It gives young woman a place to check out real beauty from the soul...its inspirational. You are beautful inside and out! xoxo

p.s love the glasses :o)

Roz @ weightingfor50 said... look HOT in these photos!!!!! I like the glasses too. (I have to get some soon, so I'm looking at EVERYONE's frames like I've never noticed glasses before) Have a great Thurs Stef!!

Yola Thorp said...

Great photos.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous you're absolutely stunning doll.

<3 Marina