VLOG: Im a Loser baby....wait! Am I?

12:07 AM


Anonymous said...

I know, I'm 25 today and want to jump out the window.

B said...

Don't measure success on society's idea of success, Stef. Getting married and having kids does not equal success. I have friends now who have both and are miserable. Define your own success. And to me, self-happiness is 10x more important than nice cars, advanced degrees, and top notch jobs. At 27, I am just NOW feeling like I've reached a level of success personally and professionally. I still have a long way to go. But then again, we all do. We all walk these different paths and only fools judge others based off of what they see.

Not everyone knows your story. They don't know how far you've come. The lives you've saved through your words. The battles you have fought. They don't know the story behind your smile. The important thing is to make the BEST of each day while vigorously working towards your future. Success is not a race, Stef. Some people moved out and created a life for themselves at 15 years old. Others 18. Others at 31. Success isn't always defined by where you are in life but what you DO. And you DO a lot.

Yes, I wrote a book. Heheheee.

Unknown said...

Amiga, me tocaste el corazon y derrame unas lagrimas. Don't worry los que dicen los de mas, just think of all of the lives you have impacted with your beautiful smile and empowering words. La familia viene, don't be afraid to let go, and let GOD..he has an amazing life planned for you, no ten gas miedo.

Bronzed Humanity said...

Staying positive and working towards goals is the best you can do! Life is crazyyy! Love you in red lipstick!

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Unknown said...

Hey girl, kudos to my successful friend Stef, who has been successful losing weight, who has been successful with her blog, and who has been successful with her clothing choices ;)


StephieJ said...

I truly think people tell you these things because they are jealous of you.. and the amazing woman you have become

CynthiaAvaDevta said...

My dream always was to be a mother...more specifically, a stay-at-home mama with a husband and kids to dote on and love. You know the rest of my story...Still dreaming...But learning to accept life on life's terms. I think to be a success is to do what we can to make our dreams come true...but to accept with grace and dignity, the cards we are dealt. That is a success. Love you.

Marta said...

Life is hard, but is best not to worry too much for what you haven't accomplish. Think that a lot of times those people that seem to be very successful and have a lot of material stuff aren't really that happy, they are always worry about how to keep up their lifestyle, they probably owe a lot of money, are on meds, drugs, are alcoholic... Maybe they look like their life is amazing, but is it really? Make sure you write that book or many more, keep working toward your goals/dreams and don't get sad about what you don't have yet, it will come, we are going to die and nothing will matter, so, why be sad because you haven't done something or hasn't happen yet? You're healthy, you're smart, you're beautiful, you're awesome, so, don't cry, although is good to do it to feel better somehow.

Anonymous said...

Waking up every morning is a blessing. You must make the most of it every chance you get. But if there is some way you achieve satisfaction and happiness then you are truly successful. Your kids are your legacy and whatever mark you leave on this earth no matter how small it is makes you a success. Don't dream it, do it!


Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...

you are so freakn gorgeous!

Your eyes and red lip stick SUITS you woman! Love it. And I have never seen your hair that curly! OMG why have you been hiding those curls!!! Do you know how long I would have to sit with a curling iron to get your curls?? LONG!

Ok, all beauty awes done. :)

Moving on, UGH! I believe you came across a HATER. Girl, do not let anyone come up in your life after all these years and rain on your passion, spirit and life!
You are RICH in blessings! You have your family, you have A job, you have a wonderful blog and adoring fans! you have your health, beauty, passion and dreams and ALL THAT is worth more than MONEY. How many times we see the celebrities and such with ALL THE MONEY in the world, being hot messes and unhappy? money n success doesnt mean happiness.

also, it took me 8 years to finally get my bachelors degree and I went to community college too... and girl, it is hard, for money reasons, I have so much debt and I was your age and not witha degree in community college, but the thing is Stef, you have to KEEP GOING, KEEP MOVING FORWARD. I felt like crap a lot of times because I saw people younger than me with degrees... and I had a kid out of wedlock, etc, etc. GIRL, whatever! I say eff the haters! If you have 5 haters, aim to get 20 more, because the more haters you have, the more you are doing something right in your life, THAT is why they are hating. we all have a path mapped out and we all reach it differently. Do not get yourself down because you aren't reaching your goals the way fairytales and society tells us too, you WILL reach your goals, but you will do it YOUR way. That is the beauty of life, it teaches us to find our own unique way boo.

I adore you and am sending you love! If you ever come to chicago you better visit me! :)

Itzel Yagual said...

Girl let's not even go there..I am older than y'all and still not exactly where I want to be...lol Life has its ups and downs but eventually you will be where you want to be..remember all that matters is that you are doing what you love....ignore the bull and follow your heart's desire-now that is your guide!!