Saturday's with Stef: Shhhh....I have a secret!

12:06 AM

I have a secret...Up until last Thursday. I have never drove the freeway!

Don't laugh!
I was scared! I was scared of the fast cars and the trucks. But most of all, MERGING onto the freeway!

Something about MERGING scared me.

So while driving to Arizona, I did it. I merged and even almost panicked in Phoenix because I was surrounded by car after car!

By the way, That picture is of me DRIVING freeway! Yes, my mother captured my glorious moment!

What did it teach me though besides freeway?

It taught me that in order to grow, I must get over my fears!

I think I have more hindered myself when it came to dismissing my fears and I have MANY fears.

Fears of not being loved ever again.

Fears of going through life alone.

Fears of never fully being happy.

A fear of snakes and snake

And of course...I DID have the fear of merging on to the freeway...(Which I conquered)

I know it sounds so stupid...."MERGING on a freeway? Really Stef?"

But it was MY fear.

I have been in this weird "Zone." I am trying to grow as a human being and be more "out-there" but I love my bubble. I love my comfort zones.

Last time I ventured out my comfort zone, I ended up with a man who didn't deserve me and heart broken to the core.

But I am take baby steps that is.

In order to grow, I must face my fears!

What are some of you "Stupid to others" fears?

Come on now, I know I ain't alone!


Jolene said...

Doesn't sound stupid to me at all....I'm 36 years old with 2 kids and I've never driven a car in my life! My oldest is 14, he'll be driving me around in no time and I've never driven him anywhere lol.

LaaLaa said...

Aw I'm proud baby boo. Yeah sometimes we have to remember that we grow that little bit more when we overcome a fear :)

Well done x

Marta said...

We all have fears, somehow. The freeway can be kind of scary, but you face it! Good for you!
A fear of snakes and snake, that one made me laugh because I too don't like snakes and I will never be caught dead wearing snake prints, I don't know If I fear it or I'm just disgusted by that weird reptile.

Anonymous said...

OMG, your not the only one I have a friend who is 31 and has NEVER drove AT ALL!!! he gets anxiety about driving ;-(

proud of you!

Savannah said...

Merging on the freeway is scary, but once you do it a few times it isn't bad! Congrats on getting over your fear!


Stacey said...

Omg im scared of the freeway too I rather take the long way lol

Itzel Yagual said...

You are not the only mother after an accident, could not drive on freeways..luckily she has gotten over her fear. Good for you! I Say even if you fear the bull, you gotta grab it by its horns to tame it and let it know who's boss! Love and hugs doll!

Winter said...

I'm 39, I don't I have never had a all. I know how, just don't like to. Congrats on conquering your fears. It's a blessing to have those kind of victories behind you. My "stupid" fear is fish. I'm terrified of swimming in a place where there are live fish. fish tanks don't bother me, but let's just say I will NEVER go scuba congrats again.

Desiree @ Mano y Metal said...


driving is scary in general, if you think about how we are operating a machine and our safety depends on OTHER drivers as well... and driving on the freeway is scary but i am so glad you conquered your fear!