"The Lucky One" Movie Premiere & a mini blogger meetup!

10:47 AM

I actually won these tickets from CURVES & CHAOS. I was STOKED!

Zac Efron, me, under the same roof? *Dies*


I couldnt snap a pic because I was already a few rows in front of him...okay maybe like 14 rows, but the theater was small...but seeing him and Blythe Danner was AMAZING! Not to mention the film was REALLY cute!!

 My make up of the night!

My date of the night...thee one and only besters!

The paps!

So weird being on the other side of the rope by the way! Im sued to just seeing them as an outsider.

The inside! HUGE screen and small room!

So afterwards I met up with three fab ladies! 

Monique of Curves & Chaos

Sandra of SoyFashionista

And Natalia of  Comiendo en LA

I absolutely LOVE these women and I was HAPPY to be able to FINALLY meet them!

I also cant wait for many other meet ups!

Cheers to friendship!

and Cheers to Zac Efron, that creamy stud and piece of angel food cake that he is!


Unknown said...

LOVE It! It was so awesome to finally meet you in person!! xoxo

Nekiah Torres said...

OMG!! This sounds like so much fun! Was the movie good? It looks like something I would love to see! Zac is a little cutie pie! You looked great, nice makeup as always! Kiah

WitchHazel said...

Cool, you look so pretty ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had so much fun and you deserve it


safire said...

You look amazing! I love how glamorous you look. The movie looks so cute but I rent romantic comedies normally :)

Yay for blogger meetups!

B said...

Yay for blogger meetups! And don't laugh but I had to Google who Zac Efron was. I know, I suck.