REVIEW: Marika Miracles Activewear Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control

12:00 AM

Recently I have taken up Zumba and let me be honest, the workout pants I was wearing were heavy and totally left me DRENCHED in sweat by the end of the class. Not a great feeling when I would leave and have to walk into a store. 

Marika sent me their Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control and let me tell you.. 


The Marika Miracles Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control contains an inner PowerMesh on the side panel and waist band, that creates the ultimate compression, core support and slimming. The contoured curved seams in the back help contribute to a more flattering look and figure. The Capri also has a breathable gusset lining that ensures that the material stays dry before, during and after your workout!


To be honest when I first saw the Capri, I thought, "How am I gonna fit into this?" Since they sent me an Extra-Large! But they fit! (They come in S,M,L, XL...however like I said, I fit into the XL and I had thought I would never see that or they could stretch) I first put them on and it felt as if I wasn't wearing any pants, which took to adjusting to because I had previously worked out with a HEAVY cotton pant that did not allow me to breathe and soaked up EVERY sweat bead that came from my pores. Which by the way made me feel ugly and yucky!

This workout Capri really flattered my figure and didn't leave me feeling frumpy. I actually felt sexy and beautiful doing Zumba! 

My FAVORITE part of the Capri was the fact I wasn't soaked in sweat! I was dry and the Capri allowed my legs and thighs to breathe! This was a HUGE plus for me! I was dry and and I didn't overheat like I had before using this active-wear Capri. 



The Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control retails for $60 but for YOU, its $48 if you use the promo code: MIRACLES

That is a HUGE saving and SO WORTH IT!!

Where can you find The Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control?


5 out of 5 stars!

I really suggest in purchasing The Slimming Capri Legging with Tummy Control

P.S: Here is me and my momma and Zumba!




Unknown said...

i want these!!!!! :) well done for your weightloss so far too! you look fab! xx

B said...

Must must muuuust try these! My yoga pants are all faded and unsexy. You are lookin' niiiice, lovely!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Awesome!! And how much fun is Zumba?!?

Roz @ weightingfor50 said...

These look fantastic.
Via your review, and on you. I sooo wish we lived close by 'cause I'd LOVE to go to Zumba with you Stef!!! We'd have a blast. Have a FANTASTIC weekend.

Unknown said...

They sound the perfect workout partner doll.

<3 Marina

Unknown said...


i want'em!! you look great!


Unknown said...

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alexanderdragland said...

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