REVIEW: Dorfman Pacific Scala Collezione V9 Visor

12:00 AM

Summer is approaching and like many, we are all looking for that sun protection! Dorfamn Pacific gives you just that with it's Scala Collezione V9 visor line!

The V49 line of visors from Scala Collezione are made of organic raffia with cotton trim and come in handy when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun.

Protected my eyes/face from the violent sun rays. L.A is HOT! Okay, hot to us Angelenos is anything above 80's! So don't judge me! Like I said, it sure did protect my eyes and face. The visor also was VERY flexible and light to wear. The adjustable Velcro back-strap makes it VERY easy for ANYONE to use. I even had a big head and it adjusted! So don't worry of you are big headed like me.

This is a great visor to wear for any outdoor activity.

No cons with this item, nothing but pros!


5 out of 5 stars

Was comfortable, easy to adjust and protected my eyes and face from the sun.


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Unknown said...

Love Love Love the visor, and your pics are too cute!