SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: I'm no Victoria Secret Model...

12:00 AM

First off, I wanna announce I FINALLY got a second job after the hunt!


Anyways back to what this post is suppose to be about.

This Memorial day I wore a shirt that I wore last year in a City Chic Photo-Shoot.

Back then, you can CLEARLY see it fit me as a SHIRT...But fast forward to Memorial Day, which is present day, it was a DRESS on Me!

Look how small I look compared to that picture on the left?

I was so darn proud of myself! Wait, I still am!

You know this leads me to dating.

I have dated some douches.

And at the end of the day I realize I wanna be with someone who loves me, thunder thighs and all!

Someone who works.

Has a car.

Who has a job!

Who knows that I can scarf down Shakey's Bunch-a-Lunch and I don't look like a Victoria Secret Angel. 

I will never be a Victoria Secret model.



Thunder thighs and all.

If a man who is MAN ENOUGH, wants to claim me, treats me great, loves me for me, and will accept me as I am...MORE POWER TO THAT MAN!

I have no time for a man who is gonna put me down because I don't look like a Victoria Secret model.

I am Stefanie.


If you wanna leave it then obviously God has a better plans for me.


I am me and damn proud of me!

That is all!



Savannah said...

Nice post and congrats on the job!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your new job and your looking slim stef! >>> "go team thunder thighs" <<< lol!!!

jb said...

Nice Stef, you look awesome. Life is long Stef so take it one day at a time and love yourself lots because once we love ourselves everything just flows like the water in a stream. So go, flow and keep feeling good about you and never mind all that noise and junk along the way. Remember to breath and enjoy because like I said; Life is long and we have more time then we can perceive so GO BE HAPPY WITH YOU....(O:


Overweight in SoCal said...

Congratulations on the second job!!yay

The difference in the two pictures is clear cut..congratulations on your weight loss milestone :) You look fabulous

xx fellow member of team thunder thighs lol

Nekiah Torres said...

Great job Stef! You look so beautiful! Girl your prince charming is on his way...just be patient! Kiah

Unknown said...

Congrats doll for getting where u are and for that second job, u deserve all the good that god sends your way... and i know one day you will meet that special someone who will treat u like what u are... a QUEEN <3 YOU :)

Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous doll and keep up the great job. Stunning.

<3 Marina

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