REVIEW: FlexFlop Travel Slippers

12:00 AM

FlexFlop sent me a pair of their travel slippers and I think they are pretty spiffy and useful!

They come in handy just not while you are on vacation, but after a mani or pedi, or even when those heels after an even or the club hurt badly! 

The extra soft fabric is great for indoor or outdoor use. The line comes with a soft-cushioned upper and ridged for durability.

According to the website, the microfiber sliding strap will keep you smudge-free at the salon and pamper your feet throughout the day. 

It comes in a cute little case too!

As you can see VERY flexible and easy to bend without running the slipper!

The slippers come in light blue, light pink and yellow. Very cute pastel colors that would be perfect for a new mom, baby shower or even bridal shower!






LaaLaa said...

Need me a pair of those, great review. Every girl needs a soft cushion base after taking off our stripper heels after a long day.

Unknown said...

Perfect ON THE GO slippers!! Love it

<3 Marina

Nekiah Torres said...

These look so comfy! Love your toe polish color! Kiah