Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In : 3.8 pounds GAINED!!

12:00 AM

HAHAHAHAHAH I gained and yes I am laughing because it HAS to be water weight. And to be honest I AM OWNING IT. 3 measly little pounds isn't gonna put me right back at 222. -Shrugs- Thank heaves for a new week!


I tracked! and let me tell you, I really didn't wanna, but I did! Also, I went to Zumba THREE times. My Zumba instructor whopped my butt and by Friday night, I hurt! Yay for Zumba!


Ugh, so at work we had a meeting and there was mini-muffins. Well I thought about getting the nutritional value BEFORE they were opened. I knew once that seal was broken, the nutritional information was GONE. But I didn't. I ate 8! Which came out a total of 24 points! Thank heavens for my weekly allowance! I would have been starving the rest of the day. 


I learned to not be so hard on myself. So what! Its a gain, not like I have went back to 222 or even 270's! I can lose that EASY. I live life and enjoy it and if I spend SOO much time fretting over the gain, life is gonna pass me by. I enjoy life and especially MY life. 

Cheers to life!

Cheers to a new week!


Meet MY version of Ted.

He can be found at Target.

17 Animal Crackers= 3 points

Problem? Do you see it? YOU CAN EASILY GET CARRIED AWAY with MORE than 17 animal crackers! Trust me, I have been there, done that and REFUSED to let it be a habit.

So what did I do

Got snack size zip-locks and put 17 crackers in each of them. Took time, but is gonna save me from devouring more than 17!

Works like a charm and I even put the points plus value on them.


This doesn't have to be with just Weight Watchers either! If you are watching your portions, this is an excellent idea for you to do.


safire said...

I think it's great that you aren't letting one week dictate how you feel. It IS a new week.

I do the same thing with portion sizes but I take out the bulk package and count it out before I eat. I never take a whole bag of anything to snack on because I could easily make excuses and just eat "one more"

You are amazing!

Unknown said...

Yay I'm so enjoying your progress and you're right at your goal. Trust me if I had that jar next to me I'd play stupid and lose count. Very smart to portion them out before hand.

Big Mark 243 said...

I think it is quite impressive that you have lost so much weight! Safire is right, your attitude says as much about how you feel more than the numbers on the scale!!

Nekiah Torres said...

What a great attitude Stef! Take it in stride and keep up the good work. Zumba has kicked my butt too but it's soooooooo FUN!! Good idea with counting out the little bear cookies and putting them in individual baggies...your one smart cookie (pun intended)! lol Kiah

jackieg02 said...

I do that too with snacks. I haven't had animal crackers in FOREVER. I see a trip to the store in my future