REVIEW: Always Radiance Infinity Pads (Latina VoxBox)

12:00 AM

As I had told you guys yesterday I am breaking up my Latina VoxBox that Influenter sent me to give you a personal one-on-one with my experience on each product.

Today is  

Always Radiant Infinity Pads!

This were REALLY absorbent and felt VERY comfy. They made it VERY comfortable in fact to the point where it didn't feel like a bulge between my legs!

I also received this cute little travel "Just in case" pouch!

This cute little pouch includes:

2 Tampax tampons

1 Always radiance pad

3 Always panty liners

I am keeping this in my car for an emergency! We all have emergencies!

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars!

Very comfotable and absorbant!

You can check them out at any of your drug stores/store

or click HERE


Nekiah Torres said...

So glad you did a post on this! My little one will be starting anytime...I just know it. I bought her some pads so that she can take a couple and keep in her locker when school starts just in case. I looked at these and then decided on a super thin one from the same brand. Kiah

Fizzy! said...

sounds amazing and practical for a woman on the go. I like the "just in case" idea too!! <3
Nice review, as usual :)