REVIEW: Veet ready-to-use Wax Strips (Latina VoxBox)

12:00 AM

Hola! So recently Influenster sent me there Latina Beauty VoxBox! Exciting right. Instead of doing one HUGE blog about it, I decided to make it more personal and break down the items that came with the VoxBox individually. 

First up! 

VEET Ready To Use Waxing Strips!

My mom and I used this product to review, so you will get TWO reviews for this one in particular.


It was SUPER easy to use, however I had a HUGE problem with the residue it left (wax that is) It was hard to come off, even with the finishing wipe. It had a bug-spray odor to it. Though I will say, for an over-the-counter wax, this did do the job.

MY RATING: 3 out of 5 stars


It wasa great wax to use. It did take off hair as it said it would. However I had a problem with it, actually the same as my daughters complaint. The wax residue was really hard to come off and the smell was unpleasant. 

Moms rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

You can check out Veet HERE and this particular product HERE!

Wax on! Wax off!


writtenbyjesss said...

I tried the sally hansen ones and i hated them , lol

Nekiah Torres said...

I was totally gonna pick some of these up but after this review I think I will just keep paying my lady to do my waxing. lol Thanks for sharing! Kiah

Anonymous said...

this reminds me, i just waxed my sister's leg a few days ago! love this stuff. great blog and you are beautiful btw