REVIEW: Firmoo Wrap-Around Sunglasses

12:00 AM

Looky! Looky! Its summer and I needed sunglasses badly! Just my luck and YOURS TOO, Firmoo sent me a pair to review and show you thier amazing offer for first time buyers!

I got these Full-framed wrap around glasses in black and I love them! I have gottem so many compliments on them and they have added a "jazz" to my outfits. They also have dressed up a dressed downed outfit. 

Cute right? They kept my pretty little eyes protected from the sun, felt so comfortable and they also came with a spiffy case! 

Want more great news about these babies?

Firmoo is offering my readers, which are NEW customers, a FREE pair of glasses, you just have to pay shipping! Which a is a great deal if you ask me! Click HERE to find out more and how you can score free glasses!


Savannah said...

Super cute! Love the metal on the sides.

safire said...

YOU LOOK SO GLAM! I love the shades. I actually broke my Dior shades earlier this month (</3) so I have to go buy a new pair.

Love the red lipstick too. and ooh-la-la is that a bra strap I see :)

Dawniepants said...

You look so ace in those glasses! Very 1950s chic!


parfums said...

So pretty , beautiful glasses.

Mary said...

Just found your blog... you are too cute!! I love those glasses!

Jessica said...

super duper cute!!! love them they look great on you

Unknown said...

Those are some really great looking shades girl.

<3 Marina
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