SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Done with Dating

12:00 AM

I only have room for one Hank Moody in my life. Sure he isnt perfect. We go periods without talking to each, when we fight, we go hard, and when we love we love hard. When he wants to act like a douchebag, I let him and when I wanna throw a temper tantrum, he lets me. He comes and goes as he pleases and vice-versa. I don't have time for another man to run that kind of game.

This recent dude I was seeing, was giving Hank a run for his money. Making me an OPTION. No, no, no...I am not an option.Recent events that involved an incident made me delete him from my life after he was cussing and causing drama on my birthday. Well, I saw the way he was talking to some other female. SAME LINES HE RAN ON ME!

Then to make it worse, I was thinking back at all the times I had to check-in with him, all the times he made sure no other guy was getting my time, and all the times he SWORE that I was being taken seriously and made me take him seriously...THE WHOLE TIME I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE. Granted nothing was official, but really....really!?

I bowed out gracefully. He may be reading this in fact. -Shrugs-

Point is, I can sit here and tell you that I am hurt, blah, blah, blah...but Im not. It made me appreciate my Hank Moody even more. Twisted right. Hanks and mine timing is ALWAYS off and its been that way. Im okay with that. I have come to accept him as he is. He's accepted me as I am for YEARS! 

Im done with dating and I am letting the chips fall where they may. I am working on me and I have officially took the "douchebags apply here" sign off my forehead. NO DATING. I don't have time for it and personally, its better for me. 

I know when the man above is ready for me to be in a relationship, he'll place a man who is imperfectly perfect for me. 

There's only room for one Hank Moody in my life.


To being single, loving myself and knowing my worth.


Traci Marie Wolf said...

I'm so happy that YOU KNOW, you deserve better. It's so hard to see these things in the midst of trying to find love. But you're winning, sometimes it may feel like you're not, but you are. When you are finally with the man of your dreams, it's so cliche but you'll know it was worth going through all the crap you're going through.

Savannah said...

Good for you, doll! I know you deserve someone who loves you and you'll find him. There are good guys at there!

Lauren L said...

hi lovely - maybe it's the men you attract. if you've gone this long without success in dating, maybe you should consider the energy you put out and where you go to meet this men. i dont mean to sound mean but after 5-6 years of not finding a halfway decent guy, i realized that it was me. and this is typical of women who have dealt with rocky relationships (especially when abuse is involved) in the past like i have. you can't claim to have self-worth if you keep falling for losers, ya know? good luck on your no dating journey. ive found that the minute i "stopped looking", that's when i put out that date-able energy. i just married the love of my life at 27 years old so hey, if there was hope for me. there is hope for anyone!

Unknown said...

So glad for you doll. Sounds like you know you're worth and never ever settle for less.

<3 Marina

Unknown said...

CHEERS!!! Focus on you and worry about yourself. Sooner or later than someone will come into your life and swoop you off your feet. Expect the unexpected. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this. This douchebag is a major asshole and he should fucking shove it!!

Anyways you deserve so much better and deserve to be happy. I think not dating for a while could be a good thing! I think something will come along when you least expect it :)