SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: My Hour-Glass Figure with a Few Extra Minutes

12:00 AM

A lot is going through my mind, so bare with me on this beautiful Saturday.

As I told you last "Saturday with Stef", dating is gonna be put on a back burner for now. The drama with the last guy really sparked a fire under my bum. Not because things went bad, but because another woman was involved who stooped VERY low to make me bow out gracefully. It didn't take much for me to bow out gracefully, I wasn't gonna be an option nor second place to a man who is lost in the world.

I started off this week, so "BACK TO BASICS." When I started it off with a clear mind, but as the week progressed, something in my soul didn't feel right. Looking in the mirror I didn't feel THAT pretty. I felt the need to shut the world out, instead of just men. I wanted to be alone and just around my mom and brother. Maybe because I know they take me for who I am, regardless if I am fat or not. 

Then my friend Elaine sent something to me

My little heart felt as if there was a weight lifted.

So many people have this misconception that dating is easier and any "Fat girl problems" disappear. They don't. I still come across the same douchebags like the last guy who try to play a game, I still have girls who will stoop low to bring me down and have many people who doubt me. My weight loss isn't about boys, smaller clothes or having society tell me that being overweight isn't healthy. Its about accepting me for me and never settling less than first place. Its about SELF-LOVE, SELF-WORTH & my own VALUE!

I never will be rail thin or toothpick skinny, with these curves, it ain't gonna happen. However, I have accepted that my hour glass figure has a few extra minutes.


Cheers for not being the woman who settles for a man who makes her an option!

Cheers to not being a woman who stoops low to hurt others.


Savannah said...

Aw, this was such a great post!

Style Chic 360 said...

Great post Stef! We have to love ourselves first and everything else will come! You're on the right track! <3