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My beautiful friend Yoyo over at Topstitch, had sent me two beautiful clutches that I oh so adore! And I wanted to let you guys know about them!!!

She sent me this clutch a while back and I have used it ENDLESSLY!! The bright, colorful skulls make any summer and spring outfit POP!

Then I was just sent this beautiful rose clutch that I have been carrying with me! 

I just LOVE her clutches! And I am serious when I say that THIS IS A MUST clutch to have and great for gifts!

Wanna know the cool thing about 100%, Yes, you read that right, 100% of the proceeds go to The Healing Hunter Foundation. And you may be thinking, what is The Healing Hunter Foundation. Well, I cant explain it better then their mission statement"

"Fighting Childhood Cancer, One Smile at a Time, Through Random Acts of Kindness. The Healing Hunter Foundation’s mission is three fold: to bring smiles to the children suffering from these devastating diseases, to increase bone marrow and cord blood donations, and to assist other families dealing with childhood cancers."

I particularly read the story of a 3 year old who lost the battle with this horrible disease and was in tears, you can find it HERE.

Another cool thing is that Topstitch is OWNED by Haley of Paramore!


So how can you own a Topstitch like Haley and Me?

or simply log on to

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Shop Topstitch and receive 20% OFF until September 30th!!! 

Just use the code: STEFFY



Savannah said...

These are both adorable!

Fizzy! said...

They are just soo cool. I love hand made stuff. Kudoos to YoYo for working for such a cause.

Jessica said...

omg so cute!! what a great unique site.