SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: A week of weakness

12:00 AM

Some look at me and think I have it all when it comes to my weightloss journey.

Some look at me and see this gorgeous woman who seems so mighty like a lion yet gentle as a blue bird.

Im beautiful.

Dont think I am saying I am not. Because I am.

But I have my moments and this week was one.

Looking at myself in the mirror was hard and every outfit felt as if my fat was spilling out of it. I walked passed a coworker I work with and the look he had on his face was unlike something I had never seen before. In my head, it was a look of disgust, others saw a look of lust. When I relaid the message to my wolfpack, they were mind boggled. 

So was I.

My self-perception has been SO off this week.

Im having a week of weakness. As my body changes I am adjusting to it MENTALLY. I call this the "Fat girl complex" I have spoke about this...

I am beautiful...

Im just having a bad "mental" week.


Big Mark 243 said...

Many of us have times like this... especially when we are still pursuing a goal ... breath deeply and bear down... you DO look good..!

Unknown said...

It happens but I'm sure you'll you'll readjust in no time. But girlll make no mistake your a beautiful woman regardless.