12:00 AM

This week I had incriminating evidence that would make the recent guy see "the light" but when asked, "Are you gonna show him?" I thought about it, "No...its not worth it anymore." I would NEVER hurt someone who has hurt me for retaliation. Boggled, this person looked at me like I was crazy.

But what they dont know is that I am tired. I have NEVER in my life stooped low and never will and life is only gonna prove that truth is on my side. I gave them my one simple phrase, "Its not worth it." And lately I have learned what battles I am fighting and which ones I am simply saying, "Not worth it" too. I think this was my "lesson learned" for the month of August.

You will always have to choose which battles to fight and which ones arent simply worth it. This lesson lead me to texting my Hank Moody to NEVER contact me again. This lesson has lead me to saying, "It was nice meeting you but never again" to someone who brought nothing but negative energy into my life.

I have been through many battles. Lost a few, won a few...and before this revelation, I fought EVERY battle. That was the firecracker in me. Ha! This is growing up huh? *Pats myself on the back*

I think working on me has been the best thing EVER. Open eyes, open mind, open arms and an open heart. Working on me truly is like water for my soul....

And I'm thirsty....


Savannah said...

Congrats on learning this lesson!

Jessica said...

such great words and thats true doll. DO YOU! :)