SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Through the Struggle

12:00 AM

I did this. I was really shocked when I saw this picture and realized, "That's my waist!"

I smiled.

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I realized just how amazing my life is. I have two STABLE sources of income. I NEVER have to go without and I work my ass off for anything I want, need, or desire. A huge change from last year where I was scraping by on a buck here, a dollar there and OFTEN having to go without because I couldn't afford a new jacket. Or new underwear.

Where I have been, has made me into the amazing woman I am.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment (in my case, a picture) to say, "I appreciate the struggles now."

I do appreciate all the times I fell off the Weight Watcher wagon. All the times I had a not-so great day points wise. Like yesterday for an example: I had to wake up at 4 am for work, I was good with points all day, this even was with me adding activity because I was walking for 4 hours straight, but when I came home, took off my pretty little dress, I ate EVERYTHING! I was HUNGRY! And that is okay with me!

I knew what exercise I had done, 4 hours of walking is NO joke! and me going over my points really wasn't a big deal. So what! I had ONE bad meal! -Blah- It could have been a WHOLE cheat day but it wasn't! It was a cheat MEAL or shall I say CHEAT NIGHT!

Life is like and downs and I am learning to not be so hard on myself.

I'm doing a 5K today!



Jessica said...

ahh great job and goodluck in this heat hun!!

Aimeecakes said...

And what a fabulous waist it is! Everyone falls off the wagon on occasion - it sounds like you have a very healthy balance which is so important. :o)

Good luck for the the 5k!

Fizzy! said...

u go girl!! <3