Sometimes you need to breathe.....

12:00 AM

I need to clear my head today loves! Yesterday I parted ways with a friend who blamed me for the person she is turning into....I was really shaken by such a statement when I have TONS of people surrounding me EVERY DAY!

This person also brought up that my past has made me bitter and not better and as I read the texts  to those around me, they looked puzzled. This woman doesnt KNOW me and honestly, we are all human and mess up. I never said I was a fact NO ONE IS...But making BIG statements as such really shake my soul.

Granted, I did say things that weren't very nice...WE ALL DO...But to sit there and blame someone for the person you are becoming is honestly, pure BS. I lived with a Meth addict & not once did I turn into one. I lived with a horrible man who cheated lied and stole...and not once did I pick up those habits.  To blame others for your faults and mishaps is not taking responsibility.

I can now see why I only keep a handful of friends in my circle and I really need to start listening to my gut not when it comes to men, but friends and those who I surround myself.

So today I am having ME time! 

So you manana!


Fizzy! said...

that's like a breath of optimism. You go girl! <3

Savannah said...

Sometimes you have to rid your life of the negative people around you!

Unknown said...

Sometimes we need to end friendships and part ways with others bc it is the best thing for the both of you. You don't need negativity in your life and those who are still around and love the real you, are definitely keepers and will never blame you or put you down. Have a great day girl! xoxo

Gloria said...

As someone who has known you for years, we all know you have insecurties.So you had BAD days so the fuck what! Honestly she may be reading this her text messages were very childish and when you point fingers theres three pointing back. How youre other friend can stay friends with someone who made her an option is beyond me and clearly that is not self-love if she is putting people in her life as options. None of those texts are true and she is a hurt woman right now.So glad youre over her. Hope your other friend sees that that isnt friendship. Good for you for letting people go who no longer serve you happiness or a purpose.

Unknown said...

Sorry to read about your friend doll. Keep your head up and move on.

<3 Marina

StephieJ said...

You know what I always say..

Bitches ain't shit!!