SATURDAYS WITH STEF: The Insecure Woman in Me

12:00 AM

Sometimes my insecurities are draining to those around me...

Sometimes I walk into the world as if I am a Victoria Secret model.

I have NEVER claimed to FULLY love myself. I am human and have my highs and ALL humans do.

I often compare myself to other girls. I often have this mental image of the old "Stefanie" in my head and I let the MENTAL part of weight loss gets to me. I understand to those around me, it can be draining. 

I know this is something I need to work on and change...and I am in the process of doing so. Its a challenge most days and most days it comes as easy as a summers evening breeze. 

I EXPECT my friends to speak up and say, "Stef! Stop that shit!" Pardon my best friend Alicia does when I go to THAT place and it puts me IN my place! Those who aren't my friend, I can understand where its draining. I apologize for that. 

But I will NEVER apologize for my journey to get there. 

It cant come from some self-help book. It cant come from others. It comes FROM WITHIN ME! Anything you want to get over, anything it starts with YOU! 

I'm not perfect.

I have my days. Some days its BAD and some days its not.

I'm human.

I am real.

I am me....




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safire said...

I definitely have my insecure moments. I'm a work in progress too.

:) Have a great weekend.