12:00 AM

I realized this week that the less I care, the happier I am.

Not that I am turning my cheek to issues and problems I have, but I am simply not getting too involved with others. Arms distance is the way to go with some people. I wish I had learned this lesson MONTHS AGO...YEARS AGO! But better late than never!Right.....

Life has been good. What wonders letting go of the crap that weighs you down, can do.

However, I am a tad bit scared of the future. Then I'm excited. I dunno where I am gonna end up, with....but I think that's the excitement of life, right?

I know life has thrown me some hard balls. I have thrown them right back. My past has made me better. I am damn proud of who I am. I'm an amazing woman, clothed in strength, courage, dignity, honesty and nothing but love.

I'm still changing and every minute that passes becomes another stepping stone.

I got to this point and this realization when I decided not to care. 

Giving my energy into people and things that never made me grow as a human being.

I have friends and family who love and support me. 

Who have NEVER made me an option, was on the fence about me.

Who NEVER gave up on me, especially when I, myself, wanted to give up.

The less you care, the happier you are.

I promise.


Phioxee said...

I realize that you're correct. the less you care and worry, the big chance you can solve problems and focus on its resolution ;-)

just me,

safire said...

I love this mentality! I totally agree. Since I've let go of the BS and the things holding me back, I've been able to channel my energy on more positive endeavors.

Have a wonderful weekend girl. You look fabulous.

Savannah said...

Great post! I really agree that you just have to care less about certain things, it just sets you free.