SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Sons of Anarchy Thoughts

12:00 AM

Sometimes I look him and think, "Why not?"  I laid there after a day of crying, my mind filled with confusion and cold. He covered me with a blanket and placed my feet on his lap. 

I felt safe.

Like nothing in the world cant hurt me in that moment. He asked if I had been crying. My puffy eyes and red nose must have given it away. He joked and said, "Because of me huh?" and we laughed. 

In that moment I saw my friend. Someone who I can be ME with. My friend who I have spent HOURS on the phone with and shared deep dark secrets with.

I felt safe.

My world is shaking. For a moment it stopped.

I have realized who my REAL friends are during this difficult time in my life. I know who is there because they GENUINELY care and love me for me. 

I also made amends with a woman whom I had hurt. I am on a more positive track in life and I realize that I had not made amends with her. Yesterday I finally did. It MOVED me and my soul forward. Her forgiveness helped me move forward and I thank her for that.

I guess all in all...I know my world may be spinning at 10000 mph, but I have friends who will NEVER let me go without. Friends who will always be there to catch me if I fall and help me up if I am on the floor. 


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Big Mark 243 said...

I am simply letting you know that I read this... and I am happy that you were able to clean your slate with the other person as well as with yourself..!