The Endeavour & Me....

12:00 AM

Saturday night the space shuttle Endeavour was sitting on the streets on the streets of L.A waiting to get moved to the California Science Center. My mom and I decided to go see it! I was in AWE and truly was a once in a Lifetime  moment to be so close to a gigantic Space Shuttle! The streets of L.A were PACKED!!! 

Only in L.A will you see a Space Shuttle cruise the boulevard!

So today I wanted to share my pictures with you!

A little bit of history and geek-ness from me to you!

Me and Mom!

My momma!

Isnt this NEAT!!! I really was a geek and got way too excited to see a Space Shuttle on the blvds of L.A!

Look ma! I'm lifting a space shuttle! Can you? LOL!


Jessica said...

the first one looks like its on ur head haha very cute!

Unknown said...

Girl that is amazing!! Glad you experienced history. :)

Unknown said...

So cool! BTW your mom is adorable :)


Unknown said...

So cool.

<3 Marina