SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: I didn't feel beautiful....

12:00 AM

I love dating. Don't get me wrong. Something about meeting a man and getting to know him is interesting. Its exciting. But yesterday I was sitting there thinking and something struck a chord in me as I was talking to someone. I didn't feel beautiful. I felt like another girl. I felt like JUST ANY girl and I'm not. I felt ugly. I didn't feel beautiful at all.

When I am with a man I should feel FREAKING beautiful! I should feel like there can be a thousand Adriana Limas in the room and he'll still want me and ONLY me!

Can you say RED FLAG.

I have felt this way with a few guys. Clearly you can see I chose to walk away. But then there's the other douchebags that I felt so sexy with. They thought I was sexy! They were the men who I didn't have to question if they thought I was beautiful. THEY SHOWED ME THAT I WAS BEAUTIFUL.

So, as I said, I sat there and I was sorting out the feelings I was feeling. The feeling of "I don't feel beautiful with him" and it was a horrible feeling and yet a blessing...I have to walk away. I should be smiling, not feeling like I'm not good enough. 

I am beautiful and no man should make me feel opposite.

I am trusting my gut with this one. 

Following my instinct.

I am beautiful.


Savannah said...

It's always good to follow your gut!
By the way, loving your bangs.

StephieJ said...

Aw girl :(. You shouldn't rely on others to make you feel beautiful. YOU need to feel it inside yourself. It only matters what YOU think and feel