REVIEW: It Cosmetics Hello Lashes

12:00 AM

Mascara! A girl can never have too much mascara! Well, As you know I love me some It Cosmetics! In fact I think I found a new mascara!

Hello Lashes is a 5-in-1 Treatment Mascara that takes the place of five products--volumizing mascara, conditioning lash primer, lash-enhancing serum, lash tint, and a lash comb/curler! Hello Lashes offers the blackest of black color that lasts and doesn't flake or fade.

 The triple-brush lengthens, curls, and separates lashes while the innovative Magic Wand lash ball detail tip is designed to reach every last inner and outer corner lash. And it does JUST that...reaches EVERY lash to give your lashes that Va-Voom! And make them POP!

Here are my lashes before WITHOUT mascara and just eyeliner (pardon my eyeliner lol)

I really don't have volume. In fact, NONE!!

Here is my lashes with Hello Lashes

It really did make my eyes POP and gave my lashes volume. It didn't flake, smudge, or even fade! I really loved this product because it only took two coats. Most Volume mascaras take more than two! 

Even though this mascara is a tad bit pricey ($20), most of you know that I genuinely LOVE It Cosmetics because they are long lasting and give GREAT outcomes

You can find Hello Lashes HERE


Savannah said...

This looks really nice!

Jessica said...

oh wow very nice