A Question For My Readers

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A Question:

1- Ever had a Long Distnace relationship? Did it work out? IF NOT, would you consider one? Why or why not?


Traci Marie Wolf said...

Yes. When I met my husband, I already had tickets and plans to move to Alaska. I stuck with my plan and so started the long distance romance. It was easier than most because my home is San Diego and I could easily return, and I did. I think that if it's meant to be, it will work out with one of the people moving for the person they love. I think it has the same chances as one in the same town. If someone is committed to you, they're committed.

Savannah said...

My relationship isn't super long distance, but we do live an hour and half away from each other. He's at college, but comes home at least once a month (and has been home for a month for winter break, sadly leaves Sunday, boo). I try to go out and visit him twice a month. We talk, text, and skype. Plus we send each other cute letters/emails. You have to put in the effort, but it really can work. I think you should go for it (if it's the guy who sent you the Easy Bake Oven)!

Unknown said...

Before I met my husband I was in a long distance relationship! He lived here but they offered him a better job in Utah and he left. We tried talking often and he would come once in a while but sadly it didnt work out..We tried our best but we both decided that it was better for us to stop dating..

AmazinglyOrdinary said...

Yes I have, and yes it worked out. Honestly it has been the best relationship I've had yet! When I met my husband, I worked with him. Here's the catch, we never had met in person. He was a driver in NC and lived and dispatched from FL. We started talking via facebook. I had added him to put a name to a face. We would have skype dates by watching the same movie and skyping at the same time, or both go to starbucks! We came up with all kinds of creative ways to get to know each other without being face to face. Then about 6 weeks in, we decided it was time to meet. Long story short, it wasn't long before we racked up quite a few frequent flyer miles. I finally decided it'd be cheaper to move back to NC because that's where I was from. The night he flew down to help me move he proposed!
When your dating long distance I feel there have to be a few more rules.

Don't expect anything.
Be creative and spontaneous.
Don't forget the other has a pre-existing life too.
Trust must be given at all times.
Unlimited texting and Minutes on your cell.
and buy a webcam!!! Webcams are a MUST!

Long distance relationships really give you an opportunity to get to know the person, before the body. I've never been closer to another human, than I am to my husband. Distance if overcome is a great thing!

Kitterz said...

Ever had a Long Distnace relationship? Did it work out? IF NOT, would you consider one? Why or why not?

I've had a bunch of LD relationships. None of my LD relationships works out for various reasons. One of them I went from L.A. to New Haven, CT to meet him after being together LD for 2 years. In the end I left with a shattered heart. But it was an amazing experience. Things I know now I would do differently in a new LD relationship.

You always need to be cautious and realize that it takes A TON of work and if it's not meant to be - it won't be.

With that said... I met my current fiance and the best man to ever come into my life via the internets =) Granted we were only an hour or so apart - we made it work and set time aside for each other daily and met the commitment to be together every weekend, now we live together and are getting married later this year. But it was a ton of work, lots of emotion gets wrapped up and you just need to keep a level head and keep the communication going.

If you're in CA - for reference I was in the San Fernando Valley and he was in Ventura. We both had full time jobs and I had NO car at the time lol.

I would say the most important thing to keep in mind with an LD relationship is - eventually you two will want to come together and be together and it's a serious thing to consider and possibly talk about which one of you is willing to make the move?

Anonymous said...

Ummm I have never been in one, and I don't think I would ever consider one. It all depends on the person I think. I am the type of person that needs to feel affection and attention directly. It's hard to feel those things from skype or telephone. But I've seen some people that have a long distance relationship and eventually all turns out well. :)

Paula Santillan said...

Let me try again, congrats on being so close to goal weight, and about long distance relationships, I believe they are possible.