FITNESS FRIDAY: What I eat, how I excercise & questions!

12:00 AM

I was asked about my food regime and exercise regime by MANY of you lovelies! So I decided to show you and tell you the honest truth...

Above is my 4 day "What does Stef eat?" So I am showing you!

I don't PRE- plan ALL my meals, only my lunches. Everything else is just really, What is there and whats in my points values. Clearly yesterday was a cheat day, which means today I am hitting the gym, HARDCORE!

But often My choices are healthier


I normally do Zumba but because of work, and me getting out results in ONE HOUR ELLIPTICAL and 30 minutes weights (strength training)

So TA-DA! that is my regime? 

This is the part you are free to ask me ANYTHING btw!


Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

Where them fruits/veggies at girl?! hehe :P -Steph

Unknown said...

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