SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Will love find me? Or do I have to find love?

12:00 AM

They tell me "Love will find you...don't go looking for it" But I'm confused. In my 27 years of life experiences, I may not know MUCH, however, I do know that if I want something, I have to get up off my ass and work for it. I literally have to get up, go out, look for it and make sure I obtain it then work to keep it.

Can you see where I am confused?

Is "Love" any different?

Or is it so different that, according to some, I just have to sit back and let it come to me and AT THAT pray, wish, and hope it does?

Does getting "love" require NO effort on my part?

Does it mean that when I am into a guy physically, I should say anything to him and just pray that he notices me? Pray that I somehow magically stand out? Or do I grow some balls and approach dude? Do I get on plane and make sure I'm not missing out on my soul mate? Do I say "yes" to a date? 

Can you see where my confusion comes from when it comes to love.

Being single BLOWS. 

Dating is scary.

And well me, sometimes I think, what if I grow old alone and no kids!

To get up off my ass and get love or to leave it in the hands of lazy fate?

That tis the question!


Unknown said...

finding love does require effort, i think you know that deeep down inside. i'm reading your post and i don't see where you are confused. i clearly see a woman who STRONGLY knows what she is looking for in a partner for life. you know that you have to put yourself out there, if you like a man, approach him. if ya hit it off, then great, if you don't then on to the next one (como dice esa cancion...) just remember you're on a mission to find a man who will love you FOREVER, thru sickness n health, rich or know the rest.

when you date, i see it as you're taking applicants for a very important position in your life, a partner for evaaaa. don't stress about how many dates, or how many men. when you find love, it'll hit you with such force.

te quiero amiga

safire said...

I think it's a mix of putting forth effort and letting things come to you.

There's only so much you can do from your end while staying true to yourself. You are FABULOUS and any guy would be lucky to have you.


Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again! Put yourself out there! Go outside of your comfort zone! You'll be happy you did!

-Steph xoxoxoxox

May Day said...

Love found me when I was def not looking. WHen I did look for love and prayed it I was slapped with heart brake. God has something great for you when the time is right. Dating is fine, saying hi to guys is good too but your love will find you, just keep smiling and trust your instinct