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After losing weight there are so many misconceptions about me. I haven't dated all that much, flirted, yes. Dated, no. 

A misconception is I am a man-eater.


Why people would think this BOGGLES me. Those who know me and really love me, know I am not. However, I never serial dated. Although its been in the back of my head, keeping my options open at this point in the game seems much more calm and steady for me. As a little girl I thought dating was gonna mean me getting dressed up in a tight, cute, slinky dress, some heels, have the man pick me up, take me to a restaurant with candle light, and then after a walk in a romantic lit park or beach. And when he drops me off at home, he is nervous to kiss me, but he does anyways.

I never had that.

As I got older I realized that the hot, passionate, love is sometimes a bad thing. Its kind of exciting getting to know someone slowly but surely and establishing a friendship. I want my next boyfriend to be my best friend.  Someone who I know wont leave me when things get rough. Someone who will hold my hand in public and think, "Damn I'm lucky! Shes holding MY hand, kissing ME!" Someone who looks at me like I am the beautiful thing in the world and wants to show me off, tell their family and friends about me. Someone who knows they can count on me.

I'm not a man eater.

In fact I am quite picky.

I love when I get judged off my looks! If they only knew I am home 7 nights out of the week, watching Dateline, and wishing for a damn good man!


KING Maddy said...

Being a chef ,I can make this chocolate ,I'm a chocolate maker and lover .!!

Jessica said...

lol love the pictures