Hello Beautiful! 5-Piece anti-aging collection today ONLY on QVC!

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IT Cosmetics did it again and guess what, for ONE day only you get to purchase this 5-piece of luxurious products that include TWO new product launches and three of their best selling products! So before I get into where you can purchase this awesome steal, lemme show you what comes in the collection.

So to begin with...

I started off with a BARE face. I used their Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer  & their  IT-O2 Ultra Repair Oxygen Foundation (Click on the red for the links to each of those reviews)

So lets FINALLY get into the the Hello Beautiful! 5-Piece anti-aging collection!


Celebrate your skin with their Celebration foundation. The foundation is a rich, full coverage, hydrating, powder foundation. It has peptides, hydrolyzed Collagen, silk , anti-oxidants, Grapeseed, live, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Aloe, Niacin and Vitamins A, C, E. The Celebration foundation gives your a skin a flawless, airbrushed complexion that will NEVER crease or crack. Not only is it designed to not only cover, but to make you skin appear younger at the same time. SCORE! The Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush is the ULTIMATE brush with more than 80,000 luxe hairs packed into one brush to give you that PERFECT airbrushed application.

Here is the Celebration Foundation applied with the Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush:

REVIEW: I loved it! Not only did the brush give the foundation that extra UMPH, but the foundation alone gave my complexion an airbrush effect and wasn't heavy at all. Didn't crack or crease and stayed on most of the day.

 Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer

Hate not being able to get EVERY lash? I do too. The NEW product/innovation allows you to actually coat each lash beginning at the root. Which we all know most mascaras leave 1/2 of each lash uncoated. Their custom Skinny wand allows you to actually achieve a tightlining effect along your upper & lower lash line. Lining your eyes through tightlining allows for definition without taking up eyelid space.

REVIEW: I never tried a mascara primer and I must say, this Tightlining Full Lash Black Mascara Primer did as it said it would. It coated each root of my lash to make sure it gave my eyes that EXTRA pop that most mascaras don't do.

HELLO LASHES 5-in-1 Mascara

Hello Lashes is a 5-in-1 Treatment Mascara that takes the place of five products--volumizing mascara, conditioning lash primer, lash-enhancing serum, lash tint, and a lash comb/curler! Hello Lashes offers the blackest of black color that lasts and doesn't flake or fade.he triple-brush lengthens, curls, and separates lashes while the innovative Magic Wand lash ball detail tip is designed to reach every last inner and outer corner lash. And it does JUST that...reaches EVERY lash to give your lashes that Va-Voom! And make them POP!

REVIEW: I really do love this mascara and with the primer, my eyelashes POPPED. I think I honestly fell in love with these two products combined. It didn't flake AT ALL. Which for us ladies is a BONUS!

NEW Vitality Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lip and Cheek Stain Stick

 This stick comes in Je Ne Sais Quoi and gives you the PERFECT long-wear flush of naturally pretty color, all while providing a boost of Hydration infused with a powerful stain that doesn't dry out your lips or skin.

REVIEW: Gave me that natural flushed color and kept my lips hydrated! A great stick to use when your going light on the makeup!


Now that you ahve seen all 5 pieces and this awesome collection, Lemme show you how it can be YOURS!

This collection comes in 5 foundation shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Rich

IT Cosmetics wants you to have a pretty, glowing, flawless,  complexion & I must say so myself, IT DOES JUST THAT!

The total retail value of TSV is a $155 VALUE! And FOR YOU, it will be a SPECIAL price! Lemme just say: THIS IS A HUGE SPECIAL PRICE of $66.50 (plus $6.72 S&H)

Which is a HUGE deal!


Or available at QVC : 1800. 345.1515




Click my HERE link is easier though.

Don't miss out on this deal 




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