MASK MONDAY: Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa

12:00 AM

It's been a while since I have did a mask and Montagne Jeunesse was so kind to send me a few of their new ones to review for you guys! Its a bit different then what you and I are used I wont wait any longer! Shall we?

According to the website and the back of this cute little package, "Prepare your skin for a truly incredible, fresh pulped and juiced, deep cleansing journey. We've infused Mediterranean Clay with suitably spicy Cinnamon and pulped Pomegrantes to protect. This juicy boost will captivate your skin and senses."

Key Ingredients

Mediterranean Clay

My skin NEEDED a mask. It was so oily, greasy and I had broke out HORRIBLY!

What does it look like & Application

I wasn't expecting a cloth like mask. When I took it out, all I got was watery mask and was puzzled. Until I cut open the package and saw it was a cloth mask. I have NEVER used one, so this was a bit excited! It felt like a wet towel going over my face and smelled amazing.


This mask got hard as if it was a clay mask, if that makes any sense. It did take a tad bit longer than a regular clay mask to dry. I spent 30 minutes waiting for it to dry. It peeled off easily and didn't hurt like I had thought. Very easy to peel off and all I had to do was rinse off the residual.


My face felt clean and really refreshed. I honestly felt like these masks do a wonderful job when it comes to taking care of your skin. Not to mention they smell AMAZING!

Overall rating: 
5 out of 5 stars
It did what it said it would do and MORE! Loved this mask!

You can find the mask at any drugstore or HERE

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Anonymous said...

Should call it the chain saw massacre mask. LOL