SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Finding MY Happiness.

12:00 AM

I am having such mixed emotions but I have been so happy and at peace lately. Ive been finding MY version of happiness with that said, here a list:

- The good morning texts

-The goodnight texts

-The abundance of positive people in my life.

- Not feeling guilty because I am choosing not to associate with certain people who do nothing but bully and make others feel small in order to feel good about themselves.

- Not feeling guilty about having a slurpee

-Saying what I feel.

-Saying what I mean and mean what I say.

-Not picking up the phone past midnight for the past.

-Looking at myself naked and saying "Your beautiful!"

-Accpeting my past and all he did to me...forgiving him played a huge part in my life these past few weeks.

-Forgiving myself

- Loving myself

-Fixing my flaws

- Taking the time out to sort through my confusions before make quick decisions.

-Thanking God every morning

-Telling those who LOVE ME FOR ME, I love and appreciate them.

- Working out like a mofo.

- Making peace with my past

- Making peace with those who do me wrong

-Thanking God for those who do right by me


-The new house

-The faith in God will find me a good job with benefits

- Faith he will find me a good man.

-Faith that I will live happily ever after....


safire said...

Great post as always! I hope you have doing well.

You are looking fabulous xoxo

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Jessica said...

greast post and looking fit doll