REVIEW: Dollar Tree "Pump it UP" Inflatable bra pad inserts

12:00 AM

So my mom and I were at the Dollar Tree and my mom picked this up. We laughed, because we weren't sure if it REALLY worked. You get what you pay for right?

So, being the little test monkey I am, I decided to try it.

The box had three key points:

- It was designed to create a more feminine shape by increasing the cup size by 1/2 to two full cup sizes.

- Can be adjusted to be bigger or smaller to get your desired size.

- Comfortable, non-slipping and non irritating for the skin.

So lets try this sucker!

So here it is deflated and inflated!

So how do you "Pump it up" ? Well...

That little white dot you see is how you deflate it...the round circle you see is how you pump it up. 


You can see my cleavage is separated and goes down. How embarrassing right? lol (hand over face)


Holy smokes! My cleavage is defined! Looks lifted and these things are comfortable!!


You can tell a HUGE difference! 

It made me a 1/2 cup bigger, I guess it depends on your bra size to be honest. It definitely worked and really gave my boobies that UMPH! It needed.

Rating: 5 OUT OF 5

For a buck it's a great buy lol 

WHERE: Dollar Tree Store



Through Thick and Thin Girls said...

Girl your boobies already had oomph!! Sexy biotch ;)


smashbravo said...

LOL this is a hoot. I agree they look good, BUT what happens when my boyfriend pops his hand in and pulls one of these puffy things out?? HAHA I am only kidding.

LaaLaa said...

Baby boo! Okay haha, those just oomphed those babies OUT! Dudes are going to be throwing these out of bras soonxo

Unknown said...

WOW I'm absolutely very impress with the review doll. They're amazing thanks for sharing honey.

<3 Marina

Jasmine (Fashiongrail) said...

I need those lol wish they carried in my dollar store love your reviews :)

Anonymous said...

Just got me some:))