SATURDAYS WITH STEF: "Im never dating!"... "Yes I am!"

12:00 AM

I always say, "I'm done going on dates!" Then I go on one. I'm starting to think I love rejection. Not that I have been rejected, but I'm sitting here wonder why I even bother. I can give you a list of so many reasons, or you can just watch Thursdays VLOG. But I guess there's parts of me that has some hope that some day someone will want this fine piece of ass and never wanna let it go.

Stupid right?

I have it in my head that its gonna feel like a fairytale. Some how it will be magical and spectacular like some romantic comedy. Boy asks me out,  we have a wonderful first date, then second, then many more, then all of a sudden one day he figures it out: HE WANTS ME AS HIS GF.

Does stuff like that REALLY happen? I am assuming so. People are like married and stuff. Then there's me. Dating like it "could" happen to me.

I had a wonderful time the other night. Going out is exciting. The new slate. The fresh slate...I never date anyone from my past. Why? So they can bring it up. No thanks! Seems like the city I moved into, has people I dated too. Crap! But this city has some good looking men! (Hearts in eyes)


"Sure Ill go out with you!"

I tell you, I think I like getting hurt.


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