SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: What a Drug Addict Felon Taught Me

12:00 AM

As I scrolled through my dating "mishaps"....I started to think about "The Ex"

I forgave him a long time ago. Some ask me, "How can you forgive a man who held you down and stuck his feces in your mouth? That's a monster, how do you do it?"

I don't know HOW I did it, but I knew that if I DIDN'T I would live a sad life. Truth is I thank him. He gave me the BIGGEST lessons in life. 

So what did he teach me?

He taught me:

-How to love someone selflessly yet never lose myself again



-How to make jail spread (good shit I tell ya!)

-How to read people (pay attention to mannerisms)

-How to never settle, always strive to land upon the moon

-Always keep your guard up high enough to not get hurt again

-Yet lower it when that special someone comes along

-Its okay to laugh hysterically til your stomach aches and you say, "I have no clue to why I am laughing!"

-Its okay to smile even though I am having a shitty day

-What alleys to avoid because its infested with drug addicts and rough people

-How to let lose once in a while and not always be in control

-12 steps are important & if you don't have that, positive MORALS& Beliefs will do

-Stand your ground

- You're human too! 

-You have feelings too and you have a right to feel what you feel.

-We all need help!

-Ask for help!

- Too much of something is NEVER good!

- In times celebration, praise God and in times of hardships, praise God...or your high power.

-Be grateful you woke up.

-Be grateful you are healthy

-Be grateful you're not walking in someone Else's shoes.

-Shit could be worse

- Family loves you no matter how badly you messed up

-When you're down on the ground, darkness will reveal your true friends.

-Rock bottom is a solid foundation to build something new on.

- Use your manners.

- Life is yours! RUN WITH IT AND MAKE THE BEST OF IT! You're alive!!

and most importantly

-In order to move forward and truly be happy, FORGIVE YOURSELF. You dont have to forget, just forgive yourself too.


Big Mark 243 said...

I knew he was bad to you but I had NO idea about THAT..!

You really are a bigger and better person for being able to let go of any bitterness and still remain YOU... and as important, to separate the good to keep and the bad to leave, and then do just that..!

Jessica said...

this is so true!!! your words are amazing and so are you.