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Considering I wasn't raised by my real dad, I think my daddy issues are very minimal. I am so boggled why I have such a "thing" for bad boys. I once heard, "They kiss better." -Blank Stare- Although that is true *Smirks*

I'm dating. Keeping my options open. Making sure I don't get screwed over again. I find myself going back to the "Bad boys." The ones who are tall, dark and handsome. The ones I know will break my heart. 

These men I'm dating are all different. A bad boy, a good boy and a little of both. 

Sure I have daddy issues. I wont go into details about my Real Dad, but over the years I have come to know that that is who is and like with EVERYONE in my life, I take them as they are.

My ex being a drug addict wasn't because I grew up around drug addicts. In fact, very opposite. So where HE came from is beyond me. But I know it was the bad boy side of him that made me attracted to him. The rush. The feel. Like a drug. 

Am I suppose to feel butterflies with EVERY guy I date. Or is it suppose to take time so love can grow? 

It's all so confusing. I am so used to butterflies right off the bat, that when I DON'T feel it from one of the good guys, I get scared. I get like "This isn't right!"

What is NORMAL? LOL.

Oh these bad boys...

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