12:00 AM

I'm vulnerable.

So freaking vulnerable. I love it, I don't. It's weird.

I usually love getting to know new people...but when it comes to dating I am petrified!

I'm like a mermaid in some ways.

I want to walk on land (love) but I'm afraid I'm gonna want my fins back.

I know one thing and one thing only: Single life!

This post is about being in my own league.

I guess as I lose weight, I see things clearer. Who's there, who's not. It's lonely at the top. People who you think are rooting for you, are sometimes talking crap behind your back. So unlike my dating life...NO NEW PEOPLE!

I mean that!

I'm a mermaid...under the see I go and someday Ill walk on "land"

Does this post even make sense? lol 

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