Making your shopping a Body Positvity experience with Beaucoo!

12:00 AM

As a woman I am constantly on the search to find other websites, women & people who promote positivity. In a world filled with social media saying women need to look like the next Kim Kardashian, it’s easy for women to have a bad self-esteem and have a negative outlook on their bodies. Let’s be real, that’s a 1% chance that a woman will have the exact body of a Victoria Secret Model. Us women come in all shapes and sizes, which means we all have different curves!
As a blogger I am CONSTANTLY searching endlessly for bloggers who can relate to me not only positively, but body type wise! I recently found Beaucoo, which is a body-positive style network where you find similar minded women who share their fashion sense, style and tips! What makes Beaucco special and what I truly love about this website? Beaucco takes down your dimensions, of course don’t in confidential, and matches you with women with a similar body type! 
So how does Beaucoo work exactly? After you register, you upload your outfit (which could be the whole shebang, top, or pants) to a gallery where you as well can view self-uploaded pictures from fashionistas around the world. You can “Like” pics (just as you would on Instagram) of the items that interest you. You can also “want this.” Which pretty much means you’ll be on the look for it! When you upload a picture, you get to fill out the “who, what, where” of the item. Below is my first entry. I entered I got it from Ross, it’s a 1x, and made by someone who didn’t have a name. ALL USERS DO THIS! This makes it so fun! We no longer have to ask, “Where did you get that from!?” Users automatically are prompted to upload. 
As a curvy woman, I know not many women can relate to my body type. So, nothing is more spiffy as seeing it on someone with the same body type and saying, “That gives me an idea about how that dress/top/jeans would look on me!” Online shopping is usually a hit or miss with ANY woman. I lost count of the times I ordered something from online, to only find it was horrible looking on me! NEVER AGAIN will I have that problem! I can easily eyeball what it would look like on me before I purchase it. Greatest thing ever right? But it gets better, you get REAL opinions from REAL buyers, who will tell you if it’s true to fit, cheap, and any other problems the clothing may have. It’s like saving you from making a bad purchase! Which in the woman-world is like find the golden ticket! 
What’s even greater about Beaucoo is that it offers FREE apps for your Android or IPhone and can be found in Google Play and the Itunes Store! It’s making fashion easier and not to mention, nothing is more fun than browsing clothes while you wait or get bored. It really does give women that extra umph they need to feel about themselves. Beaucoo takes positive body image and shopping to a whole other level because it involves REAL women with REAL opinions and not some airbrushed model with anonymous comments. You actually get to see the REAL deal for what it is!

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