SATURDAY'S WITH STEF: Short, Sweet & full of love

12:00 AM

They said my grandma wont last more than a week. My chest feels like it wants to stop beating and my mind wont seem to stay focused on anything for a long period of time.

I learned a lot from this woman. But mostly, BE HAPPY BY YOURSELF!

I'm going to be 28 soon and if there is one thing I have come to terms with is my own happiness. After getting the privilege to be around my grandma on a daily basis, I realized that I Had made the best decisions up until this point. MY OWN HAPPINESS.

I don't know what I'm going to do without this woman. In fact, I'm not sure if my heart will take the pain. Watching her die is like watching parts of me die. I want to so badly trade places with her, but I cant. 

I just know, that whatever she has taught me for 27 years, will always live within me. 


Nekiah Torres said...

Love you Stef and I'm praying for you. Kiah

Jessica said...

prayers sweetie

Moya2bean said...

this pretty much made me cry stef...
stay strong.
i can tell from the pix ur grandma was a amazing person and witty, and fun...shes with u girl