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I'm having a great time dating. Its all brand new to me but it really opens me up to new AMAZING things in life. Being treated good is so foreign to me, that I almost feel embarrassed when I am on a date and I react like a sheltered bird.

My grandmas passing has changed me to see who do I keep and who I can walk away from. It taught me to let love in and live each day the best I can.

Its so odd being vulnerable. Knowing you're placing trust into someone else, hoping they don't break your heart. My heart is a fragile little bird, although its been shattered once ( & I am so positive that I wont EVER know that kind of heartbreak again) Its scary knowing that pain can affect me and my heart again.

Did I tell you going with the flow is scary as hell too?

Its HELL! LOL! Having a man PLAN things FOR ME! I guess my control freak in me comes out and I panic.

Anyways, moral of the story, being treated good feels good. Real good.

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864 said...

I'm glad things are going well for. I'm sorry about your grandmother. Enjoy being treated well because you deserve it.